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Brody - Scavengers Series 2

Category Mini Figures & Blind Box
AUD 11.31
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Artist Kathie Olivas
Height 3 inches
Ratio 3/15
Series Scavengers Series 2
Type Open Blind Box

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Brody is part of Kathie Olivas adorable and bizarre world brought to live in The Scavenger Series 2. This series is based on Kathie Olivas original paintings, and inspired by early American portraiture that often depicted children as small adults in an idealized new land. Brody comes in a beautiful sturdy box that closes with a magnet.

This is an open blind box item from The Scavenger Series 2
We have carefully opened each box to reveal the character living inside. There are a total of 8 character in this series and the figure ratio for Brody is 3/15. Less than 2000 of each character were made.

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11 Sep 2009

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